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Logicx studio about

People that deal with people

Logicx is a company founded out of a desire to work with people and businesses, help them set their business goals, and see how their dreams come true together.

There is one main thing that motivates us – people. In the digital world in particular, it is very easy to separate the business from the person behind it. We, too, at the beginning of our journey, were guided quite a bit by professionals who performed their service without the basic understanding that behind any project, site or design, stands a person, or a group of people, with a vision.

And this is how our team is built. We are a team that loves people! For us, every project is a world in its entirety. That is why it is so important for us to set the standard of our services to be at the highest, to be the answer to every problem or question, and to create the most trendy and high-quality content and product for you.

We are full of appreciation for the fact that you have placed in our hands the responsibility to fulfill your dream, and therefore, we will fight with you and we will not stop until the goal is achieved – a successful digital business.

From ideas to the first sale - we're with you!


We will listen to your idea, we will understand your needs and the challenges you face.


We will establish strategies for building and managing your business online.


We will characterize the business, conduct research and differentiate it from the competition.


We will create a design with a distinct language and content unique to your brand.


We have built an amazing website that tells the story.


We will fix and edit until the perfect result is achieved.


We will accompany you in the process of optimizing and developing the business.


We will be your epicenter for any problem, deliberation or consultation regarding the business.

What our clients say about us

Logicx has proved to be a professional and competent web and mobile software development team, they were apt at understanding our wishes and extremely service minded. I highly endorse whole Selleo team.

Steve Cornwell

CEO, Northpass, USA

Logicx has been a great partner for us since day one. They provide a team of skilled and professional developers that are self going, engaged, and well organized. We often recommend Selleo highly to other partners and associates.

Antony Sastre

Project Manager, The New Concept, SE

Logicx delivered a reliable product that’s still being used today. With Logicx, the entire development process was quite open and lean, they were so well integrated into our team. It was a transparent and productive engagement.

Dennis Gneuss

CEO,Us Centric

Able to work independently, Logicx has become a trusted ongoing partner, capable of delivering quickly. Their E-commerce experience and technical skill allow them to not only implement specifications but make critical product optimizations.


CTO Universal Avenue, UK

I’ve been working together with Tetralogicx for over 2 years now on the development of web applications. Logicx has been a trusted partner, always willing to get involved and help resolve the most complex of issues.

Timo York

Product Delivery Lead at ADV