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Shopify web development

Shopify Web Development

It’s already clear, Shopify is the best platform for eCommerce stores. In the past 5 years, we’ve helped more than 100 businesses to put new shops into the digital market.

We’re here to turn the ideas you have into a real sales machine. Together we’ll plan, brainstorm, and build an amazing and trending website.

Shopify web development
Front end editing

Front-end Code Editing

Building your site with Shopify’s default theme is fine, but it’s not the best. If you want to be put on top, you should invest in your site to accommodate the needs of both your brand and customers.
This is why you should make custom edits and changes by tweaking the code on the front-end level.

We have so much experience with the platform, that there’s literally nothing we can’t do. You’re more than invited to challenge our abilities!

Back-end Infrastructure​

Need to find solutions for your store that requires more than the basic sections and elements provided by default? We can add or edit anything in your management level in order to reduce your dependence on the developers for everything.

Automating your store management can save you lots of time and headaches in running your business.

Back-end Infrastructure
Custom private apps

Custom Private Apps

Got an idea for how to make your store more unique, or how to improve the UX for your site? You can even automate your CRM processes and make it more professional.

We are proud to say – private apps are our specialty! We have the most professional and talented team to help develop and create any app you dream of to take your business to the next level.

Store Management

The fact you’ve decided to get into the eCommerce industry doesn’t mean you need to sit in front of your laptop all day. What’s better than a store manager that already knows your business from the inside?

You can use our experts to manage your online store and let you focus on what is more important for your business to succeed.

Store managing

What else can we do with Shopify?

Store migration services

Want to migrate your store from any other platform to Shopify? We can simply transfer all your pages and content to a new professional online store. Of course, we won't just transfer your data like robots. With our experience, we'll know better how to make the right changes in designs and features to improve your user experience and maximize your conversions.

API integration

Whether you already have a working system or you need to use specific services to automate your management process, we can optimize it for more sales or even just to connect it your physical store! When you’re building a new system online, it’s crucial that it is integrated into the needed services.


We care about your success. If you have any doubts or problems, we would love to help solve any challenge. Together, we'll figure out your needs and fit them into the best solution for you and your business.
We can recommend some good tools and services that might be useful for your business, give you tips that can improve the UX/UI in your store, automate the management processes and so much more!

We've got everything you need to build an amazing website

Logicx has proved to be a professional and competent web and mobile software development team, they were apt at understanding our wishes and extremely service minded. I highly endorse whole Selleo team.

Steve Cornwell

CEO, Northpass, USA

Logicx has been a great partner for us since day one. They provide a team of skilled and professional developers that are self going, engaged, and well organized. We often recommend Selleo highly to other partners and associates.

Antony Sastre

Project Manager, The New Concept, SE

Logicx delivered a reliable product that’s still being used today. With Logicx, the entire development process was quite open and lean, they were so well integrated into our team. It was a transparent and productive engagement.

Dennis Gneuss

CEO,Us Centric

Able to work independently, Logicx has become a trusted ongoing partner, capable of delivering quickly. Their E-commerce experience and technical skill allow them to not only implement specifications but make critical product optimizations.


CTO Universal Avenue, UK

I’ve been working together with Tetralogicx for over 2 years now on the development of web applications. Logicx has been a trusted partner, always willing to get involved and help resolve the most complex of issues.

Timo York

Product Delivery Lead at ADV